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Why would you want a BI reporting solution?

A BI reporting solution makes sense of your data. In many organisations management needs a Reporting solution that presents their data to the management and decision makers in such a way that it answers questions that are needed to make decisions.

A reporting solution could be as simple as a single report that is delivered by email to a user, or as complex as a Dashboard containing prediction models to assist a strategist to make an informed decision.

We find that most business leaders need basic financial reporting to allow them to know the status of their business any time of the day, to manage effectively how the business is preforming.

How would the BI Solution work?

In your organisation there will be a data source that contain important data, in most organisations you will find more than one data source where the data needs to be combined to present a meaningful report to a decision maker.

There will be a reporting interface that will allow the user to select the parameters of the report, to define a more accurate answer from the data. This reporting interface will also be used to present the data to the user, be it in Chart format or detailed paginated report layouts or even Emailed reports.

There should be some integration layer that speaks to the data sources on behalf of the reporting interface to allow for transformation of data at query time if it is not available.

Below all this will be the Data storage layer that will contain either one or more storage locations, even possibly in different technologies that needs to be queried to get the reporting data.

What if I don’t have a Data Warehouse or other data storage solution:

DataSimplified has skilled architects that can assist in designing, and implementing a Enterprise grade data warehouse for your organisation, based on best practice guidelines, and your requirements. (See below section that refer to Technologies)

What technologies would be available to use:

In a BI reporting solution there are normally a few layers involved in the building of the reporting solution, these layers each perform an important role in allowing the report to be generated:

  • Reporting Layer
  • Business Layer
  • Data Storage Layer

For each of these layers DataSimplified can offer experienced skills to deliver your reporting solution:

Reporting layer (Presentation layer and report generation)

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (MS SSRS) 2008 – 2017
  • DunDas BI reporting tool
  • Tableau BI reporting solution
  • Open source reporting platforms like Spark

Business layer (Integration, transforming of data, business rules and data preparation)

  • Clover ETL
  • Ab Initio
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (MS SSIS) 2008 - 2017
  • SAP PI
  • Talend ETL Platform
  • Informatica
  • DataStage

Data Storage layer (Data bases that contain the data)

  • Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) 2008 – 2017
  • MySQL
  • PostgressSQL
  • Teradata
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Big Data - Hadoop

If you need assistance to get your Data Warehouse and BI reporting solution in place as soon as possible, you can contact us today to setup a meeting and plan how we can assist you.

Process of implementing a BI Reporting solution:

The process that DataSimplified uses is a simple one, that delivers a fast and trusted outcome for the customer.

  • Engagement with Business role players (Report users)
  • Document the Business requirements in detail
  • Engage with Data owners in IT to understand the data landscape at the customers
  • Document this in a High-Level solution overview document
  • Get sign off from business and IT based on the understanding of the requirements
  • Analyse Data and reporting requirements while involving the customers
  • Create high level design of the overall solution, including data sources and technology that is proposed to client (Taking into consideration what is available at the client.)
  • Sign off High Level Design
  • Detail design follows that includes the Enterprise Data warehouse if needed, as well as Reporting requirements.
  • Sign off Detail design specifications
  • Meet with customer to setup delivery plan, this might include customer resources availability as well.
  • Deliver the solution as per plan, with regular milestone meetings and reporting to the Business owners.
  • Testing of delivery with Customer
  • Sign off solution after testing is completed.
  • Support customer for any additional requirements or training after solution delivery.