Evidence to proof our products
    and Services

    Evidence to proof our products
    and Services

What is Proof of concept

Proof of Concept aka POC is a common approach taken by two Companies to gauge and access the viability of the Produts and Services offered by DataSimplified.
POC's can drag on and become very time consuming excercise if not properly controlled and no guidance is followed.
POC's should be short and to the point but alo comprehensive enough to proof the success of the solution.

Below are some critical factors that will ensure the POC meets the expectations.

  • Executive Buy-In
  • When a POC engagement is agreed upon, It is important to get the buy-in from all the decision makers, else the POC will be futile excercise.

  • Success Factor
  • Having measurable success criteria in place and meeting those criteria in the agreed timeframe is important.

    Some Success Factors can include the following:

    Why is this POC needed?
    Is there an exisitng solution that this POC will be compared against?
    Does this POC only cover one business area?
    What will happen to your Business if this Solution is not implemented?
    Who will maintain and support the solution?

  • Planning the Next Steps
  • The succes and validity of the POC is dependant on the steps that are taken to get all the relevant project people in place. By defining the Next Steps and setting timeframes to those steps, brings across a level of trust between the parties involved, and shows that both parties are commmted to the POC and would like to see it succeed.
    Data Simplified actions this by setting up workshops, gatehering the requirments and expectation.

  • Understanding and Challenging Expectations
  • Some customers are often under prepared by the resources required to assist with the POC and the lead time that is required by those resources as they need to be freed up in gathering and understanding expectations and current functionality.

    Also, team members needs to be open minded to refinement of the design, so defining MUST HAVES up front will assist with requirement gathering.
    Be Open and UpFront with the initial discussion or engament.
    By working together expectations can be aligned over the lifespan of the POC.

Our proof of concept process

DataSimplified follows many methodologies to adapt to what our customers are used to. Below is a brief explantion of our POC process.

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    POC approach (Preferred engagement model from our customers)

    Customers will define a POC requirement and a short Sprint of 2 weeks will be started to test the proof of Concept.
    If the outcome is reached as per requirements the customer has choice to engage for a full project implementation and the POC costs are written off.