Project Description

When we initially looked at our customers partner data it was found that the data has a Data quality score of 4%. This meant that only 4% of the data received from partners conformed to their own data specifications.

By implementing this Data quality solution, we were able to report on the data quality and assist the customer in fast tracking a 5-year project into an 8-month delivery to implement a new Enterprise data warehouse for Statutory Reporting.

By understanding the Data quality issue, we manage to safe the customer R19 Million in implementation costs and implemented the solution in less than 13% of the time they had been trying to implement the solution.

We also built the solution to include a Front-end User interface to allow then to manage their own data quality going forward, not being dependant on DataSimplified to continuedly Maintain the solution.

Saving the customer another R200K per month in ongoing operational support.

Overall Saving in Year:

  • Support (R1 million)
  • Development cost (R19 million)
  • Total saving (+/- R20 million)

Key Features:

  • Manage the alliance partners and core banking systems SLA’s on Data delivery (Automated via notification emails and dashboards – BI reporting built in)
  • Manage Data quality to reduce risk
  • Any system is only as good as its data, if the data quality is poor the system will not perform as needed


Project Details

  • Industry: All Industries
  • Methodology: Agile or Waterfall
  • Technology Skills: SQL ServerSSMQSSASClover DX