Project Description

DataSimplified has successfully implemented the first Open Banking API in the South African Market.

Our main bank customer is the first bank that has a working API, and some of those include:

  • Customer Profile query
  • Account Information for a customer
  • Transaction list for accounts

These API’s can be setup to accept multiple identifying key data values, like Account numbers, ID Numbers, Business Registration numbers, and will then post the data back to the originator of the API call.

These API’s can be called form external and internal sources to allow mobile apps, other banking systems and information systems to interact with the Core banking system and other Data warehouse entities in real time

The API’s use an O-Auth authentication and is secure, it also tracks and logs all activity on the API by all clients, including IP address, Key Data that was queried. This allows for a robust solution and giving the bank the ability to investigate all errors and track all user activity.

Allowing for a transparent interface to data services in the bank for external and internal systems.

A simple but functional Front-end User Interface was delivered with the API that allows a secure login, to access the data in a Human readable interface, that can be used as a platform to build Internet banking and other interfaces as required.


Project Details

  • Industry: Finance - Banking
  • Methodology: Agile or Waterfall
  • Technology Skills: CloverDXSQL ServerSwagger API