Design and Development of end to end solutions for customers

DataSimplified can assist clients with end to end solution implementation.
If you have a solution in mind, and need a service provider to design, build and implement the solution for you, we can assist.

Device We have experience in:
  • FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods)
  • Banking Systems
  • Reconciliation Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Online Systems
  • CMS Solutions
  • Logistics Systems
  • And more...

We cater for Start-up phase, to SMME to large Enterprise customers with custom solutions

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Integration services between existing systems

DataSimplified has dedicated skills and tool sets to allow integration of any type of system.
We have partnered with specific tool set and platform providers to ensure we have a solution that can assist you to integrate your systems, or integration to external systems.

From Webservice integration, to file based integration, to direct API integration, or what ever combination, DataSimplified can assist in your system and data integration requirements.
Offering real time or batch integration, to internal and external systems, or designing and implementing a Enterprise service buss, DataSimplified can assist.

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